Our domestic packaging is most often the product as it is originally put up in the field. Because of the minimal processing of this product, this packaging is best suited for local sales due the transportation costs of moving this packaging type. Different packaging and loading arrangements can be made. Please contact us for more information.

Double Compressed Options

The Ag West double compressed bale options are suitable for any size of operation but are particularly popular for their ease of handling. This small bale package makes moving the bales by hand extremely easy and is simplified even more with the half-cut options, reducing the bale to half its size.

Additional Options: Groups of the these bales may also be wrapped in a plastic wrapping for increased ease and speed of handling.

Double Compressed Bale

Dimension: 21W X 17L X 24H
Bale Weight: 50-60 kg

Double Compressed 1/2 Cut Bale

Dimension: 21W X 17L X 24H
Bale Weight: 25-30 kg



Chopped Big Bale / TMR

Chopped big bale is an excellent package for Total Mixed Ration (TMR). The product is cut and blended to provide a feed with consistent mixture and is packaged in a poly sleeve for easy handling and feeding.

Dimension: 47L X 45W X 30H
Bale Weight: 350 kg

Mag Bale

The mag bale is an innovation and packaging developed here at Ag West. Our mag bale is similiar in size to our conventional chopped big bale but is handled and processed in a different manner. The nature of the mag bale is that it maintains the original integrity of the field bale. The benefits of this package are that less of the nutritional value of the product is lost during processing and its ability to flake makes it an easy to feed package for any size operation.

Dimension: 48L X 42W X 32H
Bale Weight: 430 kg