Ag West International, LLC

Founded in 1985 Ag West International, LLC is a hay processing operation. Ag West produces a large amount of its product as well as acquiring product from several other growers throughout the northwest for the purpose of slicing, compressing, wrapping, and loading into containers for shipment to clients around the World.

Other Businesses and Operations

Calaway Company
Calaway Company, Inc. (“Calaway”) is primarily a farming operation on which many of the Ag West International’s products are produced.

The majority of crops grown are Alfalfa, Timothy and Corn. Many of these products are sold to and marketed by Ag West International, LLC, a hay processor and export sales entity.

In addition to the farming operations, Calaway operates a fleet of trucks whose freight services the commodities produces in the farm operation.

Calaway Consolidated Transport
Calaway Consolidated Transport, is a freight transportation company. Calaway Consolidated Transport services industries including dairy processing, hay export, ethanol production, logging, beef processing, and fertilizer distribution.